Clients experiences :


“Brooklyn Audio Works always does a great job at all of our events.  They are reliable, responsive, friendly and always willing to go the extra mile to make sure everything is perfect for our musicians.   Working with their team has allowed us the opportunity to grow other facets of our business. We highly recommend Brooklyn Audio to any live entertainment company wanting excellent gear and engineers”

-Silver Pro Entertainment


"Sean’s attention to detail, organization, and communication are fantastic, and the quality of his work is great for any price point. He’s a much-needed asset to the New York City sound production business and we’re happy every time we work with him and his team."

- Silver Arrow Band


"As a wedding band with many high-end engagements, we need to ensure every detail of the event comes off smooth and with a perfect sense of quality.  Brooklyn Audio Works brings experienced and thorough sound technicians to ensure the band's sound is perfect for each venue. The company shares the same values as being client-focused, friendly, local and personal. We owe a lot of our success to the guys behind the scenes at BAW. We could not have found a better fit for our band and are thrilled to work with this great company, hopefully for many years to come."

- Yoni Rabino, NYC Wedding-Band Leader


"Since day one, Sean has been extraordinarily professional and easy to work with. His gear and roster of sound techs are all top notch. But above all else, Sean has made our lives so much better by being seriously reliable. He's always on-time, always communicative and always extremely prepared for every situation. And not having to ever worry if there will be a problem with our sound setup has eliminated a huge stress factor for us, and is worth every penny we've ever paid him. Plus: Sean is a great dude. Hire him, seriously."

- Marlon Bishop, Leader "Kinky Spigot & the Welders"


Brooklyn Audio is great to work with, and we highly recommend them to all of our clients. They are extremely easy to communicate with and always quick to respond. They are able to make last minute requests happen time after time for our clients!

-Major Food Group (Carbone, Dirty French, Sadelle's)


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